School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and the Social Sciences is established as a part of the Institute with a view to apprise the technology students to becoming an open-minded, socially responsible citizen and have a better understanding of life. With growing peer pressure on individuals in society for overall personality development, the courses taught by the School also bring in the students the awareness on political economy, literature, national and international policy concerns, and analytical thinking. The learning on diverse range of areas in Philosophy, from science to human mind, impart development of newer possibilities to the students in growing as thinking individuals rather than a mere following of technology immersed life.

The school currently offers introductory and specialized courses for Undergraduate Programme as well as for its Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, English and Economics. The school will also include the disciplines of Sociology, Psychology and French language very soon. Currently there are six research scholars enrolled in the school for their doctoral degree. The School is also preparing to commence its two year MS programme with interdisciplinary approach.

For the Doctorate programme and for Undergraduate electives the school offers a wide range of research and teaching areas to choose from. In addition, the School will run courses in basic French learning in association with Alliance Francaise Bhopal.

The Economics discipline offers courses to B.Tech students in resource economics, environmental economics, international economics, innovations and property rights issues, development economics, corporate governance, and monetary policy.

The English discipline has specializations available in Indian Writing in English, Translation studies and Black Studies. The school is developing the modern well-equipped language laboratory to facilitate students in easy learning of listening, speaking and writing skills in English language.

The Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Films, Music and Technology are areas where the discipline of Philosophy has core competence and the discipline attracts undergraduate students seeking to undertake courses in these fields.