Department of Mechanical Engineering

The discipline aims at the development of technology with research initiatives at its spine. It is ensured that the students are made familiar with the practical aspect of the subject; regular industrial visits are incited for the same. Being a new IIT, the new laboratories which have been set have installed novel, sophisticated, and most modern instruments, giving the students an ingenious scientific exposure. Developing the technology for a better and faster tomorrow is the motto that the discipline encourages. Along with the core engineering courses that the discipline offers, the students also do non-engineering courses such as Economics, Philosophy, and English Literature; this gives them the opportunity to excel in multiple fronts. Mandatory consignment of the project assignments concurrent to the course, form a distinctive feature of the learning process. The discipline ensures that the students are exposed to much more than what is in the course bulletin and hence foresees a natural growth in the development of the nation and its research enterprise.

Courses and Electives

The core courses covered by the discipline include Solid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, Materials Science & Theory of Manufacturing Processes, Machining Science & Metrology, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics & its applications, Machine Design, Machine Drawing, Basic Mechanical Engineering, etc. Moreover the students are exposed to some special courses like Principles of Industrial Engineering, Quality Management, Microprocessor & Automatic Control, Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The institute also offers electives on major topics like Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Mechanical Vibrations, Experimental Stress Analysis, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Engineering Optimization, Power Plant Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Methods (FEM), Rapid Product Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, etc.


The institute has world class lab facilities that are being constantly developed for the students to equip them with hands on experience. Some of the labs with world class equipment which are under development are Solid Mechanics & Strength of Materials Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines Lab, Manufacturing Processes Lab, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab, Applied Thermodynamics Lab, Machining & Metrology Lab, and CAD & Experimental Engineering Lab.

These laboratories have sophisticated equipments procured from reputed manufacturers in Germany & UK. Some of the prominent equipments in these laboratories include Rapid Prototyping (RP), CNC gear metrology machine, computer controlled turbines & flow systems, computer controlled heat properties measuring equipments, UTM & various mechanisms.