School of Sciences


Mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in the progress of society and its continued growth on the exchange of research ideas, the encouragement and teaching of the next generation of mathematical thinkers. Discipline of Mathematics started functioning at IIT Indore in July 2009. The Discipline has a dual role to play in the academic field of Technology. Accordingly, the faculty members of the Discipline are well equipped to conduct research programs in the areas namely Topology, Complex Analysis, Applied Functional Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra and Stability Analysis of Stochastic Differential Equations, Algebra, Probability Theory. The discipline has a PhD programme and is planning to start a two year M.Sc. programme. In future the Discipline also hopes to offer a 4-year B.Tech. Programme in Mathematics and Computing.


From the ancient times, physics has attracted human race due to their curiosity to know about Origin of Universe, Gravity, Time and Space, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Atomic Structure etc. The discipline of physics aims to educate the students by giving them a blend of knowledge of fundamental and applied physics. Besides, our faculties aspire to develop advanced research areas in this new institute. Apart from the basic courses offered to undergraduate students, the discipline offers PhD programme for research scholars. The discipline motivates comprehensive research on the areas of Condensed Matter Physics, Experimental Particle Physics, Particle Physics Phenomenology and Terahertz Science.


The Department of Chemistry of IIT Indore was established in 2009. The principal mission of the department is to create an environment for the students to introduce them to the culture and mindset of interdisciplinary science along with the traditional chemistry. The department currently has a research programme for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Presently, the department has nine faculty members with distinct research interests. The department has a world class laboratory which includes state of the art instruments aiming to achieve excellence in the field of research.