Why Recruit from IITI?

We, at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore), have had the golden opportunity to shape the growth of one of the intellectual hubs of our country. The keen intellect of our students has been honed and sharpened by the skilled hands of expert faculty. Also, the stimulating environs of a new IIT have created opportunities for our leadership skills and innovative thinking capabilities to spread their wings in full flight, unrestrained by orthodoxy.

As you would probably know, the sole criterion for undergraduate admission in IIT Indore is the highly selective Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), considered the toughest undergraduate exam in the world with an acceptance ratio of only 2%. Thus, all our students are among the top 1% of India’s engineers.

Also, our highly motivated and passionate faculty is a cherished jewel in the crown of IIT Indore. Our entire faculty is actively engaged in cutting edge research and technology, and it is their goal to foster a culture of interdisciplinary research in the institute. It is a mark of the calibre of our esteemed faculty that within the first two years of inception, a number of research papers have been published.

However, at IIT Indore, education goes beyond academics. Our students have organised various events in our institute since the first year itself. Also, they have gone to different institutes and excelled in the events organised there. Along with the experience gained by attending various industrial excursions and seminars, we believe that our students have received a firm grounding in all aspects of professional as well as soft skills. We are positive that they are ready for future challenges and will surely become leaders in their chosen field, dazzling all by their acumen and intellect.