Placement Team

Placement Office

Indian Institute of Technology Indore,
Khandwa Road, Simrol, Indore 453552
Madhya Pradesh - India

Faculty In-Charge, Placements

Prof. Prabhat Kumar Upadhayay
Tel: +91-731-2438988

Assistant Placement Officer (primary contact)

Miss Mamta Singh

Computer Science and Engineering Team

Student Manager: Simmi Malhan
Student Manager: Amey Ambade

Electrical Engineering Team

Student Manager: Abhishek Kumar Yadav
Student Manager: Akshay Bapat

Student Manager: Dhaivat Joshi

Mechanical Engineering Team

Student Manager: Aditya Govil
Student Manager: Gaurav Karmarkar
Student Manager: Harsh Sharma

Non-Core and Financial Organizations Team

Student Manager: Aditya Kamble
Student Manager: Piyush Dugar
Student Manager: Ashish Bharatwal

Faculty Coordinators

Dr Abhishek Srivastava (Computer Science and Engineering) - []
Dr Vipul Singh (Electrical Engineering)- [ ]
Dr I.A. Palani (Mechanical Engineering)- []
Dr Pankaj R. Sagdeo (Physics)- []
Dr Antony Vijesh (Mathematics) - []
Dr. Vipul Singh (Material Science & Engineering) - []
Dr. Sharad Gupta (Bio-Sciences & Bio-Medical Engineering) - []
Dr. Sanjram Premjit K. (Humanities and Social Sciences) - []