Industry-Academia Conclave 2012

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The Industry-Academia Conclave is a unique platform that will bring together experts from the industry to discuss the most critical issues about the gap in industry and academia today and try to bridge this divide. The Conclave aims at encouraging the exchange of productive ideas and perspectives, thereby, creating a strong linkage with the industries. It features a confluence of company representatives, academia and students to evolve innovative solutions to vital issues looming in the realm of industry and academia alike.

The objective of the Conclave is to bring together experts from the industry and academics. The Conclave will feature a panel discussion to deliberate on various issues based on the theme and find plausible solutions to align corporate expectation with academic education. After the panel discussion, an optional campus tour will follow, wherein company representatives will visit the developing campus of IIT Indore.

Rapid advances in technology are changing today’s workspace, increasing the demand for highly skilled workers who have the knowledge to make the best use of the swiftly evolving technology. Students churned out of the static and stagnant academic system are not equipped to meet the current industry requirements and often companies have to incur additional expenses (time and monetary) to train new hires. As industries look to colleges to fill job openings, institutions are feeling the pressure to update their academic system to be in tune with the industries. Also, industry-academia collaboration, the world over, is extremely limited and hasn’t been harnessed to its full capacity. Hence, an urgent need to take proactive steps has been strongly felt to enhance the employability of engineering graduate workforce and make them industry ready.

The Industry-Academia Conclave 2012 took place on 21st-22nd January, 2012. For more information, write to

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