The communication and processing of signals are closely intertwined topics providing the basis for modern information engineering. The Communication and Signal Processing (CSP) Masters course aims to encourage students to develop an in-depth knowledge and critical awareness of modern communication technologies and all signal processing aspects. This specialization provides the knowledge necessary to embark on a career as a design or development engineer or postgraduate research in the field of communications and signal processing. They are prepared to undertake research and development work in academic or industrial environment at the forefront of this field.

All academics lecturing in the course have a world-wide reputation for high quality research at the cutting edge of communications and signal processing technologies. Research projects cover a diverse range of applications in the areas of wireless networks, future generation communication technologies, digital signal processing, image processing, biometric identification and authentication etc.

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive learning of advanced communication systems and signal processing techniques.
  • Unsurpassed coverage of all of the major disciplines in Communications and Signal Processing engineering.
  • Research oriented learning methods like teaching from research papers are followed.
  • Innovative teaching aids are used to equip students with practical knowledge.
  • Freedom for the students to do their, fully dedicated one year MTech. Research Project in academic or industrial environment.