About us

  • The Production and Industrial Engineering field in the Mechanical Engineering department offers the student an opportunity to get an upper hand in the field of manufacturing. Its academic curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers all the technical aspects required in today’s production sector and expected from a Master’s student passing out from an IIT. It covers core-manufacturing courses such as Advanced Machining and Manufacturing Processes, Material Science and Engineering, Material Characterization and Metrology. These courses deliver the knowledge of the non-traditional and critical aspects of manufacturability in industries, giving an upper edge to the students. The students are taught the latest applications, not just through books, but through latest published papers to keep up with the technological advancement in the society. Apart from this, there are courses such as Mechatronics, Micro and Precision Manufacturing, Surface Coatings, MEMS, Smart Materials which extends the knowledge of the students in other dimensions as well. Courses like Reliability Engineering and Probability and Statistical Methods teach the students how to design an experiment and perform the performance of any process/product. A special feature of most of the courses being conducted in the institute is the mini project, which give the student an opportunity to implement what they have learnt in the course. Even there is a special PG Seminar course carrying equal credits as other courses, completely dedicated to self study and application of a concept in any field which interests the student. However, the most special part of the two-year degree is the M.Tech thesis, which the student has to carry out a complete year without any theory course during this course of time. This gives the opportunity to the student to completely submerge himself into his research topic and deliver an optimum result.